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Piaggio MP3 YOURBAN 300 LT E4 '19

Non-EU driving license holders can reserve the MP3 only with a valid motorcycle category driving license. (You can contact us for more details).

The European Car Driving license - Class B must have been obtained before the 19th of January 2013. 
European Driving License: B or A or A2

International Driving License:  A

Before you book this 3-wheel scooter, please note that previous experience driving maxi scooters is mandatory for the scooter driver.

3 wheels are not a stability system for driving the scooter.

3 wheels give a better grip in the turns, but it rides like a motorcycle.

You have to balance the scooter as you do with a motorcycle or a standard 2-wheel scooter.

MP3 piaggio Yourban scooter
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