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Corfu Vespa Tours & Rentals

Whether you choose one of our organised Vespa scooter tours or want to ride individually, we have you covered!

In Corfu Vespa Scooter Tours & Rental, we don't want to give you a scooter tour; we want to offer you an adventure, a unique experience you won't forget. An adventure that shows you the sights tourists don't usually see easily. Our personal attention to detail, high-quality equipment and friendly persona guarantee fun and relaxed riding Vespa scooter tours around Corfu island. 

🔰 100% transparency and accuracy 

We aim to have 100% transparency and accuracy in our terms and conditions. 

At Corfu Vespa, we always give transparent promises that we can fulfil 100%. We aim to offer you a clear and concise understanding of our insurance plans and general rental or tour terms and conditions.


🔰 Unique- Top Rated Service by travellers
Corfu Vespa Tours & Rentals is the first and only company that offers Vespa® Tours and exclusively Vespa® rental services around the island.

We take great pride in receiving over 480 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 star reviews on Google and almost an equal number of 🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢  5/5 ratings on Tripadvisor. We are fully committed to providing you with the best possible service every time and are eager to uphold that commitment.

🔰 Our Vehicles
Did you know that Vespa is an Italian luxury brand of scooters and mopeds manufactured by Piaggio? All of our Vespas are well maintained. We operate a fleet of the latest models of Vespa® Scooter for both touring and rental options.

🔰 Premium - Top Quality accessories

All of our Vespas are equipped with Vespa® top cases with Vespa® backrest cushions for the passenger.

The Basic Vespa rental includes a RAM® X-GRIP® Phone Mount (motorcycle phone holder) with a vibration dampener to protect your camera. For travellers that have Quad Lock® phone cases, we also have Quad Lock® motorcycle mounts available. 


🔰 Best Price, No Hidden Fees

We are proud to offer excellent quality and value for money on our tours, which give you a chance to experience your chosen tour authentically and excitingly, stress and hassle-free. Our rental options are also offered at the best possible price allowing you to add any extra services if and as you need them.


🔰 Our Custom-Made Map

The basic Vespa rental includes our Corfu Vespa Map. Our map has nothing to do with the classic idea of road maps. It is fully customised and includes, among others, four preprogrammed routes that you can follow! 

🔰Support Local Businesses

By choosing Corfu Vespa, you support very small, locally-owned businesses.

🔰Go off the beaten path.

Vespa is the perfect way to get around Corfu, tour the side streets and areas that aren't accessible by bus or car, and, most importantly, you can park close to your attraction. Renting a scooter is an ideal touring option during hot summer days. Riding around the countryside through the traditional villages of Corfu along scenic country roads on Vespa scooters will provide a refreshing breeze while admiring the island's sights, smells, flavours, and sounds of the island!


🔰Enjoy "the good life." 

The solid Italian (Venetian) influence remarkably impacted the island's gastronomy - cuisine, landscape, and architecture. Why not add an essence of "dolce vita" to your life during your holidays in Corfu by riding an Italian icon, an original Vespa scooter? In Italian, la dolce vita translates as "the sweet life" or "the good life". La dolce vita means a life of pleasure and simple luxury. It's about enjoying the good things in life and indulging in the things you love.

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

- Mark Twain

Why Us
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