Driving License Requirements

Please note that the information on this page is for our scooter fleet, and they are based on European and Greek law. 

Travelers that hold a non-EU driving license must have an International Driving License Permit.

If you do not have an IDP, you can apply online for a digital copy: 

Apply online and get your  International Driver's Permit  IDP in 2 hours

US and Canadian citizens must have a valid motorcycle class driving license or a motorcycle endorsement. They do not need an IDP. 

UK citizens can only hire a 125cc motorbike in Greece if they hold a valid UK  motorcycle driving license A1, A, or A2  without the restriction codes 79.03, 79.04, 79(3), 79(4). No IDP is needed. 

The driving license requirements are as seen below:

For a Vespa Scooter 125cc:

*European Driving License: A or A1 or A2 (without the restriction codes 79.03, 79(3), 79.04, 79(4)).

International Driving License: A or A1(without a restriction to mopeds)

For a Vespa Scooter 300cc:

*European Driving License: A or  A2 (without the restriction codes 79.03, 79(3), 79.04, 79(4)).

International Driving License: A (without a restriction to mopeds)

For a Piaggio MP3 300cc Three-wheeled scooter:

The Car Driving license - Class B must have been obtained before the 19th of January 2013. 
European Driving License: B or A or A2

International Driving License: B or A

Please note that all drivers must have previous experience driving maxi scooters or motorcycles.

If you are not sure about your driving license, please feel free to contact us.

The easiest way to confirm if you have the correct driving license category is by sending us o picture of both sides of the driver's driving license.

You can send us an email or a message via Whatsapp or contact us in our chat room here on the site. 

With the AM driving license category, you can go two-wheel mopeds and motorized cycles up to 50 cc/50 km/h.

We do not have mopeds - any available option for AM  driving license category. 

Drivers with the wrong driving license category will not get a refund.

*Before you proceed to an online booking, please make sure that your driving license category A1 or A does not have the following restriction codes: 79.03 - 79(03) - 79.04 - 79(04)

In the following pictures, you can see some examples of driving licenses with restriction codes