Fair & Reasonable pricing

Please note that our scooter rental prices vary depending on the season and the rental period.

The rental price decrease depending on the rental days. 

Please view the scooter rental price list below.

The scooter and the helmet maintenance procedure requires time, special cleaning, disinfecting, and polishing formulas and equipment.

Our pricing formed based on the following reasons:

1. Each time you return a scooter, we check the scooter for damages

2. We clean and disinfect the helmets in depth using our Karcher steam cleaner, Motul® Helmet Interior pure formula, and Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Spray

3. We are washing, disinfecting where needed, and polishing the scooter.

4. The Greek law states that the rental vehicles (125cc and more) must not be older than 6- years old. The rental length life for a scooter is a maximum of 6 years period.

5. Travellers who book the Vespa just for a day or 2 usually ride more kilometers per day than those who rent the Vespas for longer periods.

A guaranteed reservation made with a bank card (using the reservation form - system on our website) is the only way to lock in a price.

All tour and rental rates are based on the rates written on the tour/rental chart and are subject to change without notice. The rates are in € (euro). A 30% payment of the total rental - tour fee is required at the time of booking to secure your reservation. If any legal taxes increase or offer special promotions during the season, the rates may change without any notice (please note that we will never raise the rental fee after your online booking).
Discount rates are subject to availability. 

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