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What to drink in Corfu?

Updated: Jan 30

Dear Traveler,

Hello! It's nice to have you here!

Following our previous guide on what to eat in Corfu and what to eat when generally in Greece, we've crafted a concise guide titled "What to Drink in Corfu." This list features must-try drinks that promise to elevate your gastronomic experience on the island.

Understanding the value of your time, we have intentionally kept this post brief. The drink suggestions are divided into two main categories: non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic ones. I am also attaching below a picture of the packaging of each locally produced product to help you locate it more easily on the bar or fridge shelf!

Are you ready to explore the best drinks Corfu has to offer?


Non-alcoholic drinks


Tsitsibira is the most characteristic locally produced soft drink (Ginger beer). It contains lemon, sugar and ginger (it is a tasteful and refreshing remnant of the British influence).

Must taste when in Corfu locally produced Tsitsibira soft drink - local product
Locally produced Tsitsibira soft drink

Locally produced soft drinks

Infused with kumquat, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, cinnamon and ginger.

Must drink and taste when in Corfu loccaly produced sorft drinks
Locally produced soft drinks

"Corfu Rodi "(pomegranate juice)

You may find fresh, pure pomegranate juice bottled locally. Consider also checking small local food stores or minimarkets, where it may be available in the freezer or fridge.

Must drink when in Corfu local pomegranate juice

Corfu Beer Hoppy and Free

 Alcohol-free beer (0.5% alcohol) (unsuitable for children) Blonde, blurry, absolutely refreshing with rich hops aromas.

Iced Coffees

Locals and Greeks love iced coffee. There is a version of iced coffee for every coffee lover.

Please note that when ordering your iced coffee, and by iced, I mean cold, remember to inform the host if you would like to have sugar and, if yes, how sweet you would like your coffee to taste. Freddo cappuccino (cold cappuccino), Freddo Espresso (cold espresso), Frappe (cold instant coffee), medium sweet, sweet, very sweet or without sugar?!

Greeks love takeaway iced coffee!

Two of the most popular takeaway coffee chain shops in Greece are "Coffee Island" and "Mikel" (you can find both in Corfu)! If you are in Corfu "Barista" and "Cafetierra" are locally owned businesses and are popular among the locals for their expertise in brewing coffee!


Greek Cofee

When ordering, you have to tell if you wish to have sugar and, if yes, if you would prefer your coffee to be sweet or medium sweet. My grandfather used to add a dash of ouzo to his Greek coffee.

Greek cofee served acompained by "loukoumi" and a glass of water.

"Tsai tou Vounou"

Mountain Tea: Sideritis, also known as ironwort, mountain tea, and shepherd's tea, is a genus of flowering plants known for their use as herbal medicine, commonly as herbal tea. info source Wikipedia

Enjoy it warm or cold, preferably with no sweeteners, to sense and taste the unique aromas. You can add lemon, honey or sugar.

picture of a cup of tsai tou vounou, mountain tea
Tsai tou Vounou - Greek Mountain tea

Fresh watermelon juice

An alternative to freshly squeezed orange juice. Greece produces tons of watermelons every year. According to "GREEK REPORTER ", Greece Ranks Sixth in Entire World in Watermelon Production.

Trying Cocktails & Mocktails containing one or more Signature Corfiot drinks is a must!



Alcoholic drinks

what to drink in Corfu, koumquat liquor, corfu beer, local wines

Koumquat liquor

Koumquat is a small citrus fruit.

Limonccelo liquor

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy, especially in the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily.

Lazaris distillery in Corfu produces two different Limoncellos! The classic Limoncello liquor and Crema di Limoncello (the velvet, creamy version of Limoncello is created by adding milk to the final stage of the production process).

Corfu beer

Corfu beer microbrewery produces a wide range of beers -Red ale special, Pilsner, Weiss, Dark, I.P.A., EPOS, and Lager.

Local wine

Kakotrigis wine

The local grape variety "Kakotrygis" is a versatile and delicate type of wine that can produce varying results depending on the winemaking process or harvest time.

It has a lemon colour with green-yellow highlights and a fragrant aroma of lemon blossoms and citrus fruits.

The wine has a medium body, balanced taste, crisp acidity, and a long aromatic aftertaste. It complements fish, seafood, lean meat, light-cooked foods, and green salads.

It is best served chilled between 10-12 °C.

There are many local producers. Our favourite is Theotoky organic winery.


Robola wine

Another wine grape variety worth trying when in Corfu is "Robola".

The variety is mainly planted in Central Greece and the Ionian Islands. Among the Ionian Islands, Kefalonia is more widely known for the cultivation of Robola. In Corfu, the "Robola" grape variety can be found at Theotoky Estate, known for its organic farming practices!

Greek wines

Numerous Greek wine producers craft remarkable wines, and the selection is vast.

Merlin Gin

Merlin Gin is not just a spirit but a celebration of the culinary heritage of Corfu, an island known for its kumquat fruit. The kumquat is a trademark of Corfu and is the standout feature in Merlin Gin, which is 100% distilled, with no additions post-distillation besides water for dilution, ensuring the purity and intensity of flavour.


If this is the first time visiting a Greek island, tasting ouzo is a must. It is a dry anise-flavoured aperitif. It complements seafood dishes perfectly. Taste it plain, then add as much cold water or ice as you like.

diferent brands of ouzo

In Greek, "Stin ygeia sas" is a way of saying "cheers," which translates to "To your health". The informal expression is "Yammas"!

Find below 4- different ways to say cheers in Greek.

Stin iyia sas - To your health

Stin iyia mas- To our health

Yammas- Cheers

Iyia- Cheers


Thank you for reading our brief post about what to drink in Corfu. We hope you found it helpful. For inspiration on what to eat in Corfu or generally in Greece, continue exploring our blog posts!

Have a lovely rest of your day!

Respectfully yours,


PS. We aim to offer you the best suggestions for enhancing your holiday experience in Corfu. We want to clarify that the local businesses - products we mention in our blog posts are not sponsored, and we do not receive any rewards from them.


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