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Your Corfu holiday TO-DO list

Updated: 11 hours ago

As you may have already realised, we like plans and to-do lists. We understand that having a plan in hand can be helpful even when you are on holiday.

We've noticed that during the Covid era and after, many travellers are eager to make the most of their holiday time; that's why we've created our blog "Routes" that includes helpful to-do lists for your holiday, including what to eat and drink in Corfu, as well as a map with preprogrammed routes for your Vespa scooter rental.

Travellers that have booked or plan to book their Vespa with us rest assured that our custom-made maps content compliments, ideally, our blog's posts on what to do, see and experience in Corfu! So go ahead and enjoy your holiday without any worries! When you need inspiration on what to do during your holiday, you can visit our blog! With everything written down, you can feel assured and relaxed, knowing you won't miss out on anything important.


Rent a Vespa scooter or a car.

You can make the best of your holiday if you can travel-move whenever and wherever you like. If you still need help figuring out if it is a good idea to book a scooter or a car during your holiday time in Corfu, our post "Tips for renting a scooter or a motorcycle in Corfu, Greece" might help you make a more confident decision.

Liapades Beach , Corfu, Vespa GTS 125cc Corfu Vespa Tours Corfu Vespa scooter rental
📸: Marian Chinciusan, Vespa GTS 125cc Liapades Beach

what to do in Corfu holiday tips rent a car
📸: Rolandos car hire Corfu

Discover Corfu's charming historic old town and wander through its picturesque alleyways. Experience the city's unique ambience during the day and at night.

Marvel at the remnants of past architecture and appreciate its beauty. Take the chance to climb the Old Fortress and enjoy the stunning panoramic view.

Corfu old town must visit
Corfu old town, Spianada square 📸: Eddie Kastamonitis

Corfu town at night time
📸: Eddie Kastamonitis, Corfu town at night time

Visit traditional local villages

Walk around, have a Greek coffee or a refreshment at a "Kafeneion" coffee shop, visit the villages bakery and buy "Koulouria" traditional Greek biscuits with vanilla, orange, lemon, anise, raisins, almonds or cocoa flavour or try some pastry phyllo pies.

Kouramades Village Corfu, explore with a Vespa scooter
📸: K. Alamanou , Kouramades Village

Listen to the sound of birds singing.

Learn a few Greek words or Phrases

This will make your interactions with locals even more pleasant or adventurous, and it might remind you that it is ok to make mistakes; no one is perfect (the Greek language will help you soak that in..)

Basic Greek words to practice during your holiday
Basic Greek words to practice during your holiday

Must taste local products and food.

(olive oil, olives, honey, wine, liquor, spoon sweets and local cuisine delicacies) In our previous posts, you can read more about what to eat in Corfu and what to drink.

Swim in the sea

Rent a sea pedal boat, a canoe or a SUP board

You can rent a sea pedal boat, a canoe or a SUP board in various locations in Corfu. Dasia, Palaioakstritsa, Agios Spyridon, Agios Gordios, Sidari and Glyfada are some locations where you can rent them. Usually the rental fee is per hour.

things to do in Corfu, rent a sea pedal boat
Sea pedal boat

Have a siesta by the sea

Wear a hat, stay protected under shade, and wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

DIY Clay face or whole body mask!

Did you know that Corfu has many places with clay cliffs? It's perfect for those who want to have a DIY clay mud spa experience! Some of the Corfiot beaches, where you can find clay cliffs are Arillas, Agios Georgios, Sidari, Logas, Arkoudilas, and Kindoyalos.

Corfu what to do. DIY clay spa
Kondoyalos beach 📸:

Watch at least one sunset.

Sunset above Glyfada beach 📸: Tobias Reich

Watch at least one sunrise.

Sunrise- Garitsa bay, Corfu Town
Sunrise- Garitsa bay, Corfu Town

Walk at least once barefoot at the beach at night and watch the moon and the starry sky! (preferably choose a sandy beach)

Walk barefoot at a sundy beach
Marathias beach Corfu 📸: Eddie Kastamonitis

Swim at least once at sea during nighttime. (preferably choose a sandy beach)

Vasilis Metalinos - Stary sky -Porto Timoni Corfu
📸: Vasilis Metalinos - Stary sky -Porto Timoni

Listen to the sound of the waves.

Explore the countryside - Find a trail and walk, smell the Corfiot flora aromas and admire the colourful canvas of mother nature! Notice the sage green and silver colour of the olive groves, and listen to the cicadas' song.

Olive grove in Corfu. Explore the countryside
Olive grove in Corfu. Explore the countryside