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Discover the Signature Products of Corfu!

Updated: Jan 30

Signature flavors and craft products of Corfu
Corfiot signature products

Dear Traveller,

We are warmly welcoming you to our Corfiot signature product world!

In this post, you will find information regarding edible and non-edible Corfiot signature products!

If you're travelling to Corfu, we recommend trying out some unique local products that are hard to find elsewhere. We've compiled a short list of the most characteristic flavours exclusive to the island or rare in other destinations. We are also mentioning some non-food related products that a traveller to Corfu island should consider buying either as a gift for a loved one or oneself!

💡In this post, you can click on the establishments - businesses names for directions via Google Maps.

When visiting the establishments, if you find a product you love, we strongly recommend purchasing it here in Corfu. Based on travellers' feedback, they often regret not buying enough honey, kumquat delicacies, Sikomaida (fig pie), olives, and olive oil to take back home.


Easily navigate to your favourite local signature product using the content list below, or preferably, enjoy reading the entire post!

Local Corfiot signature flavours

Fogatsa (Easter, brioche-style bread)


Non-food local signature products


Corffiot Flavours a Traveller Must Savour!

Olive oil : preferably choose a cold pressed and extra virgin olive oil.

The dominant olive tree species that thrive in Corfu's olive groves is called Lianolia, also known as Korfolia, Ladolia, Nerolia, Prevezana, Souvlolia, and Stryftolia. This variety of olives is primarily grown in the Corfu region, with lesser amounts cultivated in Zakynthos, Kefallinia, Lefkada, Preveza, and Thesprotia. The Lianolia Corfu tree grows up to 12-14 meters tall and has deep green leaves that are 6.67cm long and 1.49cm wide. The fruit of this olive variety is cylindrical-conical in shape. It weighs an average of 2.3g, with a flesh-to-core ratio of 7.5:1.

The fruit is known to have a high oil content of up to 19%, making it ideal for producing high-quality oil. Due to its moisture-demanding nature, this variety thrives in areas with high rainfall and atmospheric humidity.


Corfiot extra virgin olive oils from small local family-owned olive groves.
Corfiot extra virgin olive oils from small local family-owned olive groves.

In Corfu island, numerous small, family-owned olive oil factories produce high-quality olive oil from their olive groves. Many of these establishments provide opportunities for olive-tasting sessions and tours of their facility.

Some of them are:

Please tap on the establishment names for directions.

During our 6-hour Vespa tour, "Savour The Flavors of Corfu", we visit one of our favourite local olive oil producers, the Dafnis family, producers of "the Governors " olive oil.

Brine-cured "Lianolia" olives (in salt brine)

"Lianolia" olives cured in salt brine are a traditional delicacy in local homes. They are a staple in ouzo mezze platters, often served alongside fresh tomatoes and sliced cucumbers. These small olives have a tangy and spicy flavour that pairs well with legume dishes and complements aperitifs, particularly ouzo or homemade wine.



On Corfu Island, there are numerous local honey producers.

Our favourite is "Meligoni" They have more than 11 certified organic honey varieties available! You can visit their showroom (located in the northern mountainous part of Corfu) and taste their certified organic honey varieties!

Corfu signature products, must taste, organic honey meligoni

Another passionate local honey producer is "Corfu Beekeeping Vasilakis ". Located in central-west Corfu, they offer a beekeeping tour experience!

Koumquat, lemon and bergamot-flavoured Corfiot delicacies.

Citrus flavours are essential to Mediterranean cuisine, and so are they in Corfiot cuisine. Corfiot cuisine's most prominent citrus flavours are kumquat, lemon and bergamot. If you have a sweet tooth, you should try spoon sweets, marmalades from kumquat and bergamot or desserts featuring these citrus flavours. Additionally, you can enjoy locally made alcoholic beverages or refreshing drinks infused with these flavours.

Must - taste Corfiot delicacies infused with citrus flavors and aroma
Must - taste Corfiot delicacies infused with citrus flavors and aroma


Tsitsibira is the most characteristic locally produced soft drink (ginger beer). It contains lemon, sugar and ginger (it is a tasteful and refreshing remnant of the British influence).

If you want to discover more about what to drink in Corfu? Read here about Corfiot signature alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages! 

Corfiot Butter

Authentic Corfu Butter is crafted from 100% fresh pasteurized cow's milk, sourced from cows that graze exclusively on the unique island flora. It distinguishes itself because of its special aroma, silky velvet texture and gentle, flavourful depth. The colour of the butter varies depending on the season of the year.

We strongly recommend you try the Corfiot butter in its raw form.

In Corfu town, Alexis dairy shop sells authentic Corfiot butter and custard creams, rice puddings and *Galaktoboureko, all made from Corfiot butter from their Cow farm near Ropa Valley.

*Galaktoboureko is a must-try Greek dessert made of custard cream raped in pastry dough, baked in the oven and soaked in a lemony syrup.

Alternatively, you can buy "Kastros" Corfiot Butter from local deli shops and mini markets. I am attaching below a picture of the butter packaging to help you locate it more easily on the fridge shelf!

Kastros authentic Corfiot butter
Kastros authentic Corfiot fresh butter

Herbs & "Spetseriko" spice mix

Either dried or fresh, some of the island's more characteristic herbs are bay leaves, sage, wild oregano, rosemary, thyme, chamomile, spearmint, dill, anise, fennel, sea fennel and capers. If you take some time during your holiday time, you will find in the wild, if not all of them, the majority of them. The rocky areas near the shoreline are ideal for sea fennel and capers.

Corfu signature products, corfu must try sea fennel
Sea fennel

corfu must try signature products
caper bush

"Spetseriko" is a blend of various spices, and it's what gives the "Pastitsada" dish its sweet and spicy, flavorful depth! Each family - home has a slightly different analogy of the spice mixture.

My grandma used to mix 3 parts of cinnamon, 2 parts of sweet red pepper, 1 +1/2 part allspice, 1 +1/2 nutmeg, 1 part clove, 1 part black pepper, 1 part red hot pepper, 1/2 part cumin and 1 part salt. She also used to add one bay leaf per four portions.

You can find "Spetseriko" in almost every local spice shop!.

Spetseriko recipe- Corfiot signature products
Spetseriko recipe - Corfiot signature products

Easy "Spetseriko" recipe or as my grandmother used to call it "Spitseriko"!

If you are back home reading this post but missing the flavorful depth of 'Pastitsada,' you can easily prepare your 'Spetseriko' for Pastitsada dish by blending the following ingredients: 30g of cinnamon, 20g of sweet red pepper, 15g of allspice, 15g of nutmeg, 10g of clove, 10g of black pepper, 10g of red hot pepper, 5g of cumin, and 10g of salt.

You can download the recipe below!

Download PDF • 4.05MB

Deli Meat - Cold cuts

"Noumboulo Foumikado" and "Salado" deli meats are the perfect mezze to accompany a glass of wine, your ouzo or your Corfu beer savouring!

Noumboulo Fumikado

Smoked Cold cut made of pork tenderloin, cured with salt and spices and marinated in wine. You can enjoy it thinly sliced on fresh bread or as a perfect complement to leafy green salads or a cheese platter.

must taste cold cut "Noumboulo" when in Corfu
Noumboulo - 📸:


"Salado" is the traditional Corfiot smoked air-dried salami, made from pork and beef, flavoured with whole black peppercorns and garlic, and smoked using locally grown herbs. It's the perfect addition to a cheese platter and pairs wonderfully with grape spirits (such as tsipouro or ouzo), beers, red wines, or mature white wines.

Must try when in Corfu Salado - Corfiot air-dried smoked salami
Salado - Corfiot air-dried smoked salami

Tzitzifa - Jujube

Tzitzifa fruit (Ziziphus jujuba) is also known as the Chinese date, jujube, or red date. The plant is native to China.

In Corfu, they grow in abundance in the wild! While you ride in the Corfiot countryside during September, feel free to stop and pick some jujube from the tree. Remember to thank the tree! Locals will be okay with cutting some fruits and trying them. My grandparents always had jars with homegrown figs and sundried jujube to compliment a glass of Metaxa or ouzo or treat their guests. If you are lucky enough, in a small village cafe, taverna, or a local cuisine restaurant, you might have the chance to try sun-dried jujube known to us locals as "tzitzifa".

tzitzifa, must taste local products corfu, Corfu signature products
Fresh Jujube

Corfu must try products, must taste jujube
Sun-dried Tzitzifa


"Sikomaida" is a delightful combination of minced sun-dried figs with hints of black pepper, anise, and grape must. It pairs perfectly with a cheese platter or can be enjoyed alongside cognac or Metaxa. My grandmother used to wrap "Sikomaida" all around with fig tree leaves and a couple of sundried bay leaves and add ouzo to the fig and must mixture.

sikomaida Corfu must taste prodcucts, corfu signature products
must taste sikomaida - fig pie when in Corfu


Easter brioche-style bread. What makes it unique is that it must initially be made with Corfiot butter or corfiot type butter and contains cognac (or Metaxa) and orange zest.

fogatsa signature products of Corfu

Kakotrygis wine grape variety

Local grape variety Kakotrygis is a versatile and delicate type of wine that can produce varying results depending on the winemaking process or harvest time.

It has a lemon colour with green-yellow highlights and a fragrant aroma of lemon blossoms and citrus fruits.

The wine has a medium body, balanced taste, crisp acidity, and a long aromatic aftertaste. It complements fish, seafood, lean meat, light-cooked foods, and green salads.

It is best served chilled between 10-12 °C.

Corfiot wines from the "Kakotrigis" grape variety.
Corfiot wines from the "Kakotrigis" grape variety.

1958-1959 Young woman wearing the traditional Corfiot costume of Messi region holding a Kakotrigis grape. cORFU SIGNATURE PRODUCTS, cORFU MUST TASTE
1958-1959 Young woman wearing the traditional Corfiot costume of Messi region holding a Kakotrigis grape.

Some of the local wineries that are offering wine tours and tasting sessions are :

Theotoky Estate (It is located in central-west Corfu)

Pontiglo Winery (It is located in southern Corfu)

Goulis Winery (It is located on the west coast)

The order the establishments appear is random, please read other travellers' feedback before you decide which one to visit.

Pavlosika - Fragosika

"Pavlosika" is a type of cactus plant fruit. This prickly pear cactus produces flavorful fruit packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. This plant thrives throughout Corfu island.

The locals are very familiar with this fruit and consume it regularly. They are in season from August to October. In Corfu, the preferred way of eating this cactus fruit- "Pavlosiko", is in its fresh and raw state.

Pavlosika or Fragosika - prickly pear cactus - must taste when in Corfu
Pavlosika or Fragosika - prickly pear cactus

This captivating photo, captured in 1958 by an anonymous photographer, depicts residents savouring "pavlosika" while carrying straw baskets, likely crafted locally, brimming with pickled pear fruits. It's a charming glimpse into the past.

Each time I revisit this post to update the information, this picture always stirs emotions in me. To me, it reflects the humble economic state of the local population. Thankfully, despite the recent debt crisis, tourism has improved many aspects of locals' lives.

Corfu beer

Corfu Beer is situated in northwest Corfu. You have the option to visit their establishment for a beer tour, or you can conveniently find and purchase their beers at nearly every local restaurant, taverna, or mini-market.

Corfu beer microbrewery produces a wide range of beers -Red ale special, Pilsner, Weiss, Dark, I.P.A., EPOS, and Lager.

Corfu beer


Non-food local signature products

Instead of focusing solely on food and drink, let's look at some of the other unique local products you may be interested in.

Olive wood products.

Olive wood is an excellent material for kitchen items, particularly chopping boards. It makes various items, including snack boards, kitchen boards, serving boards, cheese boards, steak boards, breakfast boards, coasters, and even bowls.

Olive wood kitchen  items signature products of Corfu
Olive wood kitchen items - untensils

Find below a list of some of the local olive wood workshops!

Olive wood workshop(near Achilleion)

Yannis Olive wood workshop (central North Corfu)

Olive Wood Art Sokraki (Sokraki village)

The order the workshops appear is random. Please read other travellers' feedback before you decide which one to visit.

Olive oil soap.

Many companies in Corfu make olive oil soap. If we need to pick one, we strongly suggest Patounis olive soap factory in Corfu town. Their location has preserved functioning tools and equipment since 1891, and it is a living memory of the unique local tradition. Because of this, the soap factory has become a popular attraction for tourists and students, as well as the subject of academic studies. The Greek Ministry of Culture has also listed it as a monument of industrial heritage.

MiNiMiS Jewellery Art is inspiring people to recycle.

MiNiMiS (Corfu town) is a Corfiot business focused on decreasing glass waste and creatively recycling it into glass handcrafted art. Among others, you can find unique jewellery made from recycled glass!

"CHOE" candles

The brand CHOE was created a few years ago in a small village (Kanakades Village) in Corfu.

Mediterranean nature, herbs, fruit and blooms inspire this small local candle-producing company's products. CHOE's product line is entirely hand-poured and handcrafted, using the best quality material. You can visit their workshop or contact them to arrange your hands-on - DIY candle-making experience!

CHOE candles showroom and workshop in Kanakades  Village - Corfu Signature products
CHOE candles showroom and workshop in Kanakades Village

Ceramic art products

Many businesses sell ceramic art pieces in Corfu. Still, it's best to opt for a shop owned by local artists who make unique handcrafted products. We suggest visiting "Ceramic Art Corfu Panaretos" which is run by a Greek and Swiss couple, both ceramic artists and teachers. All the ceramic items sold in the shop are made by the couple or crafted by their students. Or we recommend "Corfu Pottery Ceramics Workshop" and "Tsami Ceramics" for their colourful creations that remind us of Positano ceramic art. Both local businesses have a shop and workshop on the premises.

Corfu Pottery Ceramics Workshop

Thank you for taking the time to read our post. Before we leave, we want to clarify that the local businesses we mention in our blog posts are not sponsored, and we do not receive any rewards from them. We aim to offer you the best suggestions for enhancing your holiday experience in Corfu. Our recommendations on Corfus signature products aim to help you savour the authentic island flair!

"There's an ancient tension between wanting to savour the world as it is and wanting to improve on the world as given."

-Leon Kass

Have a lovely holiday experience in Corfu!

Respectfully yours,



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