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What driving license do I need to drive a scooter or a motorcycle in Greece?

Updated: Nov 15

In this article, you will find verified information on which driving license category you need in Greece to legally operate a 50cc Scooter, a 125cc scooter, a 300cc scooter and more than 300cc motorcycles.

One of the main reasons we decided to create a blog on our site was the tons of messages we have received since we established our "Corfu Vespa" business, from travellers asking about the driving license requirements.

The information shared with you in this article is mainly from the official website of the Hellenic Republic. Since there is a lot of misinformation on the internet or from some companies renting scooters and motorcycles, we have included links for our information sources. So that you can check and verify the accuracy of all written below by yourself.

If you wish to book your scooter with us, you can skip the reading and view the driving license requirements here:

  • For a Moped - 50cc scooter, you need either a car driving license B or a moped category driving license (European AM).

💡 There is a misconception among some travellers who believe that holding a B - CAR driving license for 6 years entitles them to drive 125cc scooters. This is incorrect unless you hold a Greek driving license for a car (B) and have the code number 121. This is the only valid way to legally drive a 125cc scooter in Greece with a car driving license. To do so, one must possess a Greek Car driving license under category B, which specifically includes the code 121 written on the data file label number 12, indicating restrictions (number coded).

  • For a 300cc scooter, the driver must have a valid motorcycle class driving license. European A or A2 (without the restriction codes 79.03, 79(3), 79.04, 79(4), 79(2))

  • For motorcycles exceeding 300cc, the driver must have a valid motorcycle class driving license—European A2.

driving licens ecategories for driving a scooter or motorcycle in Greece
What type of motorcycle - scooter are you allowed to drive in Greece with your European driving license

If you still have questions regarding the scooter and motorcycle driving license requirements, please view more details about the topic on the "Odigisi Driving School" website:


Every country has some domestic traffic rules that differ from others, even among European countries.

Suppose your European driving license has right next to category A1 or A the restriction codes 79.03, 79(3), 79.04, 79(4), 79(2). In that case, you have never taken any lessons or exams on how to drive a 2-wheel scooter or motorcycle. These restriction codes indicate that drivers can only drive 3-wheel or 4-wheel scooters. But because each country's regulations differ, please view below for more details.


Germany :


Please also consider that in some European countries next to the A1 or A category there is a restriction ( >45km) That also means the driver can not drive any scooter exceeding 45 km/h.

We hope that this information is helpful.

Our aim is not to discourage you from renting a scooter. Still, it is to share 100% accurate information and help you take a confident decision. At the end of the day is your precious holiday time and no one has the right to risk your safety and pleasant holiday experience except you!


Katerina Alamanou

Article primary info source:

Hellenic Republic:

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